About Slime party

Makers of Amazing Bespoke Slimes

Slime Party UK Ltd sell slimes worldwide and are No.1 in the UK for amazing slime events and parties.

Creative powerhouse, entrepreneur and mother, Ruby established Slime Party UK almost by accident. Looking for a solution to her children wrecking the house and putting her creative flair into action she worked with them to develop what was to become her fabulous range of slimes. Fabulous colours and smells – her slimes give a full sensory experience for children, are of excellent quality and come in a large range of colours and textures.

After experimenting with ideas for a while, Ruby established Slime Party UK and registered the domain name in April 2018, with incredible results, now providing slime parties for children all over the UK, as well as selling her slime online to customers in the UK and beyond. And the future looks bright too. Having just established her registered trademark, Ruby plans of developing a global brand.

Slime Party UK is like the Lush of the toy world. It has the same raw, colourful, quirky feel, and people will know when they see them that her products are made with love – completely with fun and happiness in mind. Working from her Wonka-esque factory in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, her premises are any child’s (or child at heart!) dream. A blaze of coloured sprinkles, floam balls, confetti and lots of other cute extras hide within the rainbow draws. Lotions and potions stand on the shelves, all ready to develop whatever delights Ruby has in mind.

It’s exciting. Lots of fun. And growing. As Ruby is packing more and more extras and amazing ideas into her brand; donut walls; squishies, sensory stations, brand new slime-making kits (perfect for rainy days – or any day for that matter) it’s easy to see why Slime Party UK has got so popular, so quickly, and in the future, has the potential to develop into a cult brand.

So, watch this space, and keep your eyes peeled on the high street, as Slime Party UK is most definitely coming to a place near you very soon.